The importance of keeping your mind clear and calm before a game


Heavy breathing and extra perspiration are all part of what is means to be an athlete. But sometimes those two elements come in situations where you’re not exercising. To be nervous before a game is a feeling all football players at some point in their life have felt. However, feeling mentally exhausted is not and can cause a player to not be fully in the game and therefore enabling them to perform their very best.

Even the smallest wrong thought, can cause problems

Many things can cause your mind to drift into places it shouldn’t go. Problems with family, friends or your significant other can be problems hanging over you head as your going into the game. Thinks like finances, insurances and other responsibilities are also things that can crowd your head with too much.

It can also be the coming game, that has you fumbling around in your own thoughts. Thinking about how your opponent is faster or stronger than you. Or how many games your opposite team have won compared to yours, can all be very damaging to your own confidence. So many things can fill your head with ideas about how the game should end or what can happen during the game. That you barely have time to think about anything else.

All these feelings are normal, but sometimes the issue can be bigger than that. Sometimes you can fell so inadequate that you start to have bigger problems, like depression, very low self esteem or anxiety. These feelings are not normal and should be considered severe problems, that should be dealt with.

Football player looking down on the ground

Ways to work around the negative feelings

Some of the more normal feelings like nervousness before a game, thinking of problems of the field while having to concentrate on the game. These can all be fixed with some simple mindfulness exercises. Trying to bring yourself back to where you are and find the main point of what you’re doing. Can make a huge difference about how your thinking and keep your concentration where it belongs. It is also important to remember to have fun, even though a game is serious. When you’re having fun with what you’re doing, it improves how you play for the better. If your having problems thinking about anything but the game, try to keep your days occupied with activities that have nothing to do with the game.

If the issue is bigger than the normal feelings. It’s not always easy to change those things on your own. Having someone professional, like a psychotherapist help you out, can make a massive impact not only on your athlete life, but also on your personnel life.