American football vs. Footy

There is a big difference between American football and the football and rugby that is played in other parts of the world. Footy in Australia is a lot like rugby, but it is not exactly the same. The sport is very close to its neighbor that is also loved in Europe and Australia, and it is important for people in the USA to know how the sport is the same and different.

The first thing to remember is that the USA actually has won the world championship in footy in the past. That was when the game was very different and a lot slower. The forward pass was still illegal like it is in other places, and that is why the US has a history in this competitions. However, it is improtant to remember that the games played everywhere else around the world are not marketed like they are in the US. This mean sthe US has to keep improving while the older games do not change.

Footy in Australia has a lot of the speed that would find in the sport in America, but you also have to remember that it still has the gruff appearance of the game that you are used to. You need to be sure that you have watched them both and learned the rules because they are not all the same. People who succeed in one will not necessarily be great at another version of the game. This is why you have to watch and appreciate them for what they are.

The next thing that you should remember is that American football is so fast that you could never play it like the older games anymore. Footy is too slow for the Americans, but it is still faster than what they play in Britain. You also have to remember that the people who play these games in America are influenced by other games that are played in the country. The long and sleek guy who is very tall succeeds in football because he also played basketball and baseball. Those very same guys do not play those games in Britain or down under. This is why the games stay different. You should actually enjoy all three because they are all slightly different and fun to watch. You will learn a lot by watching each one, and you will start to enjoy them more the more you understand.

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