History of Seattle seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks is a great football team. The team originated in 1976, in Seattle, Washington. They are best known for winning the Super Bowl in 2013, and they have also won ten division titles.

The Seahawks has switched conferences twice in the history of football. They played in the NFC division with the Buccaneers, which they played twice.

The Seahawks are something wonderful and:

  • * Organized
  • * Historical
  • * Sustainable
  • * Wonderful
  • * Exciting

There are many highlights that the amazing team endured. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • * 1979, Kicker Efren Herrera became the first Seahawk to score 100 points.
    * 1983, Chuck Knox was hired as coach
  • * 1990, 9-7 Record for the season
    * 1993, Cortez Kennedy played in Pro Bowl
    * 1993, Coach Tom Flores was named General Manager/Head Coach
    * 1994, Coach Tom Flores lost his job
    * 1999, Lost the playoffs to the Miami Dolphins- 20-17
    * 2005, Reinfeldt became Vice President of Football Administration
    * 2004, They won two road games over the New Orleans Saints
    * 2013, They won the first Super Bowl title under coach Pete Carroll

The Seattle Seahawks hosted the 1977 Pro Bowl, which had the first biggest crowd in it’s history. Their experience level is astounding. In 2015, they played in Super Bowl XLIX, against the New England Patriots, but lost the game. It was an exciting and nail-biting games that ended with linebacker, Bruce Irvin being ejected from the game. He would be the only player in Super Bowl historical past, to get thrown out of a game. It was a lost that the Seahawks felt bad about, but the next season they played well.

Since 2010, Pete Carroll has been the bead coach. He is taking the team towards positive wins. They are a team on a mission to perfection. Team members like- Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Russell Okung, Max Unger, Leon Washington, and Richard Sherman are great players, and fans love their football game style. They are a great team, that continue to make history.

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