That’s why good ventilation is important in locker rooms


I’ll put it very simple, bad ventilation in changing rooms can make not only bad odors, but also create an environment where fungus can grow. Locker rooms and gyms have been proven in a study to be places with the highest amount of indoor pollution, like dust, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and VOC from the building itself.

Luckily there is an easy solution to improve the indoor environment in locker rooms. Investing in a good ventilation system, with good air filters, can make the world of a difference in the indoor quality of air.

What exactly happens when there is bad ventilation

We all know the smell of the locker room, that musty old smell of sweat and somewhere there is definitely someone who have forgotten to bring home some dirty laundry. We know this is a part of training and at some point, we have to enter the locker room to change. To some people it may be nostalgic to go into a locker room, to reminisce over old days spend in there with friends. But many of us probably don’t know what it actually means, when the changing room smells bad.

As earlier written, bad ventilation doesn’t just create bad odor it also creates an environment for mold and mildew to grow in. The reason for this, is that when there is bad ventilation, the moisture in the air stays in the room and it has no place to exit. This moisture then creeps into surfaces and tiles and starts to make perfect living conditions for fungus. Over time this may create an indoor climate that can affect your health conditions, like infections, breathing difficulties, rashes and irritations to the eye, nose and throat.

So, what can you do, to improve the air quality?

The obvious answer is of course, getting a ventilation system that works. Having an old system doesn’t always live up to the standard of the modern world. So, checking whether the system that are installed are up to date is the first thing you can do. Thereafter making sure that the system is well maintained, either self-maintain the different filters and components or signing up for a service contract, can make a huge difference.

The last thing you have to think about, when it comes to the ventilation system, is the ducts. Many don’t think that the ducts need cleaning, but dust can gather and clog the ducts and moisture can collect. Besides dust and moisture, it is also possible for the air that travels through the ducts to pick up mold spores and send them out into the room.

When the air vents have done their time

When the air vents and other materials from the system have done it’s time and it is time to be scrabbed, companies like ACA Industry make machines that can be used to crush the materials and sort the residue for easy recycling. You can have a look at ACAs crusher here