Indianapolis Colts american football

The Indianapolis Colts Of The NFL

The Indianapolis Colts are an American Football team that plays in the NFL. The Colts were moved to Indiana in 1983 from Baltimore, and they are a team that has a whole line of authentic gear. They have been one of the best franchisees in football for about the last 20 years, and they have done a very good job of making Indianapolis seem more sustainable as a big name city for sports. They have helped get big events there, and they play in a new stadium that is very beautiful and has a really nice look on the inside and the outside.

Their Place In American Football

The team has won a Super Bowl in Indy, and they have been to two. They have kept all he records from the old days when the team was in Baltimore, and they are one of the few teams that has been able to have sustained success with just one quarterback. They had Peyton Manning running their team for a long time, and they have moved on to Andrew Luck. This team is in perfect position to give the fans when they want because they have done good personnel work over the years.

Their Ownership

Jim Irsay owns the Colts, and he took over for his dad who moved the team to Indy in the 80s. This is a family business that has been a part of the city for a long time, and it is an ownership group that has been able to help the city get better over time. Jim Irsay has been one of the most vocal of all the owners in the NFL, and he is always pushing to make sure that the league is doing the right things for its players and its fans.

Do They Matter?

This team matters because it has been relevant for such a long time. They have been able to stay relevant because of all the things that they have done while they were making sure that they could help the team get better. They have become a part of the city, and they are a part of the city that cannot really leave. Someone who is planning on watching football in the Midwest cannot do any better because this franchise has a lot of potential that needs to be seenon the field to believe from Andrew Luck to their great young defense.